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If you are someone who likes to keep your home clean and organized, the last thing on your mind would be neglecting basic maintenance tasks like dryer vent cleaning. One of the most important things you can do for your dryer is to have your vent cleaned. Dryers and vents often become clogged with lint and dust, which not only reduces efficiency but also causes a fire risk. Dryer fires cause more than $800 million in property damage each year!.

Dryer vent cleaning, installation, repair, and inspections are just a few of the services in Austin. We can assist you with cleaning and maintaining your dryer vent to protect a fire. With years of experience and dedication towards their jobs, our team will be there on short notice, so you don’t have to worry about clothes left in the dryer while it cleans. We are proud to offer the most affordable services in the Austin.

How Our Professionals Clean Dryer Vent?

Our Professionals checks quality control at every service to investigate your dryer vent, chimney flue, or fireplace includes testing. When it comes to dryer vents, the first step is to locate the vent box and vent cap on the home’s outside. We’ll be able to detect right away if your vent needs to be cleaned or repaired.

For the maintenance part of the procedure, we’ll start by unplugging the dryer. We assess airflow via the dryer vent exhaust, locate any airflow obstacles, and start cleaning.

Our team will clean the metal sleeve, the dryer, and the area surrounding the dryer for any further material that may have been blown out once the lint and debris have been entirely removed from the vent.

The dryer will then be connected to the vent sleeve and the dryer’s power supply will be reconnected so that we can perform a test cycle. The dryer is spinning hot and the air is plainly moving to and through the vent box outside your home after a successful test cycle. We will clean up any mess left by our repair work and leave the laundry area of your house exactly as we found it once a successful test dryer cycle is completed.

Benefits of Cleaning Dryer Vent

Getting your dryer vents cleaned will be beneficial in many ways such as :

  • It will reduce the risk of getting fire hazard
  • It will save your time and energy. As the vents get clogged, they will take more time due to presence of debris.
  • Cleaning your dryer vent will helps to keep your clothes looks nice.
  • The harder a dryer vent’s adjoining dryer has to work, the clogged it is. The more a dryer is forced to operate, the more wear and tear it will endure.

Services With Latest Equipment’s

Green Air Duct uses equipment, rotating brushes, and vacuums designed particularly for your dryer’s vent, which may curve sharply against your house’s wall. Homeowners should not attempt to snake brooms or other things through the vent on their own. This might end up causing further harm to your dryer vent.

Why Hire Us?

Our company, situated in Austin, Texas, employs the most skilled technicians in the state, who are packed full with the most powerful dryer vent cleaning equipment. Our professionals are standing by in Austin, ready to tackle any dryer vent cleaning task. For numerous years, Green Air Duct has served the community. We work with both commercial and residential customers. Give us a call immediately if you have a house or an apartment. All of our Dryer Vent Cleaning services are available in very affordable cost, backed by a warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning dryer vent necessary?
Cleaning dryer vents not only important for drying your cloths. Due to usage lint can get clogged and creates fire damage. It also increase energy bills.
What happens if you don't clean your dryer vent?
Uncleaned dryer vents can be clogged and be a home of dust particles. It can produce hot air and creates fire damage.
How can you tell if your dryer vent is clogged?
Your dryer will takes long time to dry cloths.
Increase in energy bills.
Produce lots of heat and sound.
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